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Acid Wizard Studio is a small indie game dev studio from Poland. We are currently working on our first game, Darkwood.

Darkwood Alpha 8.0

30 September 2016 by Acid Wizard


Get ready for the biggest update yet! I know we’ve said that before, and there were some pretty epic updates in the past… But seriously, this one takes the cake. It’s so big I wouldn’t know where to begin when trying to list all the changes we’ve made, so I’ll just name the main things:

– CHAPTER TWO! That’s right, a whole new world for you to explore.
– Chapter 1 is mostly the same, although it has been rebalanced somewhat.
– Get ready to get your feet wet – a new Swamp biome!
– Around a half a dozen of new NPCs!
– New enemies, with more varied and advanced behaviour!
– New traps, items and weapons!

I won’t spoil all the new content, but there is some technical stuff I’d like to point out:

– You can skip right to Chapter 2 if you have a save file from a previous alpha where you completed the first chapter (it will be displayed in green in the profiles menu). BUT you will skip some content from the ending of Chapter 1… so it’s your call.
– I’ve put a lot of effort to optimize memory and garbage collection, so I hope any out-of-memory crashes are a thing of the past! Additionally, this should help a lot with people with low-end CPUs with stuttering problems.
– You can disable the gamepad mode entirely in the control options if it interferes with your setup.
– The Epilogue will probably be unavailable until the final release.

Even though we’ve tested this update pretty heavily, it was impossible to catch and fix all the bugs given the size of the changes, so please bear with us! There is some content that did not make it into this update, but for now we will focus on fixing any non-minor bugs we find.

We are slowly nearing the end of development, so if you’ve already played some of Darkwood, we strongly advise you wait until the final release so you don’t burn yourself out.

I’d like to thank all the testers who helped out during the last few weeks of huntings for bugs: ShadyS, FireRage259, DeforMC and SDF121! Much love guys!

In the meantime, we will be visiting streams and watching gameplay footage from you guys!

Yours faithfully,
The Acid Wizard

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  1. Heya, I found a rather annoying bug. As I played through Chapter 1 today to see what’s new in Chapter 2 I opened the armored door just past the overgrown dude and wanted to take some more goods, as I was warned there may be no going back. As I returned a day later I Couldn’t enter anymore. The door was closed, just a little crack to see through beside it and I can neither move nor interact with the door. So, basically I can’t progress to Chapter 2 now.

    • Ouch 🙁 That sucks, sorry about that. I won’t be able to fix your save, but I’ll send you a save file where you can start from chapter 2, but with default items and choices. Send me a message to , as the mail you’ve provided here does not seem to work.

      • Hi, unfortunately I get a error when trying to reply to you via email. I’ve sent you the save files through wetransfer, but I just got a notification that the file has not been downloaded yet, so I’m guessing that you haven’t received a message from them too. See if your mailbox isn’t full or something or switch to some other email provider!

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