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Acid Wizard Studio is a small indie game dev studio from Poland. We are currently working on our first game, Darkwood.

Darkwood chapter 2 progress

23 June 2016 by Acid Wizard


It has been some time since we have updated Darkwood. So long that some of you have been raising concerns about the game being abandoned, us being eaten by a Chomper or other horrible thing.

Let me put these fears to rest, dear Mortal! Darkwood is alive and well, although we admit that development is very slow, but please know we are putting all the energy and passion we have into this project!



The next alpha will be the biggest yet! Apart from the usual many bugfixes and general improvements, here are the highlights:

A new chapter

This means a new biome, locations, NPCs, enemies, items, objects and mechanics! Stuff that explodes, new uses for the shovel, rebuilding parts of your hideout and more!

The Swamp

There are unique dangers hiding beneath the surface of the many lakes littered around this biome. Traversing water will require a different approach than walking on solid ground. There is also a dense fog, which appears from time to time.


Vines and chains

You can expect to encounter various uses of this mechanic, including chain traps or things that crawl on the ground and try to catch and immobilise you.

New enemy behaviour

The enemies introduced in this update use more advanced tactics than the existing ones. This includes submerging underwater or underground, surrounding movement and sideways dodging, and reacting to your field of view.

Performance improvements

I’ve spent a lot of time on optimizing performance and memory usage. In particular, in previous versions of Darkwood, the lighting system could cause occasional stuttering due to memory allocation, but no more in the next alpha!


There are a ton of other changes big and small that will make it into the new alpha. There is no set date when we expect it to release, so please be patient with us!

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Comments (27)

  1. Hello there! what is going to be the interaction with the third eye special ability and the AI interacting with your field of view, will they interact as if you can see them if you have the third eye activated but facing away from them? (third eye is the 360 degree field of view)

    Just noting a possible bug that I thought of,good luck developing the game i’m looking forward to it

    • Hi! Yup, we have taken that into account (and it’s a viable tactic to use the skill when you’re facing enemies that are affected by your FOV) 🙂

      • I’m going to guess the mobs start running faster when your looking in them instead of walking sneakily and slowly when you aren’t 🙂

        And hi if that’s wrong maybe I got you an idea?

        • I thought of another idea related to this mechanic, maybe the weeping angels idea from doctor who?

          {When you look at them they stop moving,when you look away they move gradually faster}

          But maybe that’s just to badly counter’d by third eye :p

  2. allso… First comment!

  3. The way you implemented those crawling things in water is simply majestic

  4. maaan, i was half specting those crocodile things to only have frontal “legs”, awesome job wizerds, keep it up !

  5. Thank you Acid Wizard, we’ll wait don’t worry, keep up the excellent work!

  6. The preview looks amazing, cant wait for the update. Take your time, no rush at all. :3

  7. Please Acid Wizard, please, please, please take as long as you need. If there was ever a labour of love that deserved not to be rushed, this has to be it.

    Everything about this devolopment is making this game more and more intruiging. Words cannot describe how much I’m looking forward to playing through whatever twisted nightmares you are dreaming up for us, no matter how long it takes.

    • as long as its before I die or get sick of games you know… that’s fine 😀
      (although its going to really take a while for that)

  8. Are you guys still accepting beta testers??

  9. Yessss… oh very much yes

  10. Keep going. You’re doing something great. Never doubt that.

  11. Bought Darkwood before alpha 5 and I await all news eagerly! I love the game already, thank you all for continuing to work so hard.

  12. Great job Acid Wizard! I can’t wait to play chapter 2. I absolutely love this game so far. Streaming it is such a blast.

  13. Hello guys from Acid Wizard (and doggy),
    I would just like to express my admiration for you guys and congratulate you for your game! I think it’s amazing that for 2 years now, you keep working on this project, and refuse to let down all the fans that supported you all this time! Keep up the good work!

  14. I can’t wait for the new chapter! Let me know if you need a beta tester, I’d love to be one!

  15. Can I please be a beta tester?
    I followed this game sense long before a village even existed and I’m really into the idea of testing the game :3

  16. Keep up the great work! Even though you may get a few pestering about the length between updates, the fact you have not abandoned and are keeping up work is the most amazing thing to see! I love this game.

    P.S. 3 people making a game like this = Respect <3

  17. Hello guys! I just bought “Darkwood” on Steam and OMG it’s such an amazing game! Keep up excellent work! Thank you for this THANK YOU! I’m dying to play Chapter 2

  18. Does this game have a completion date/concept? I’ve been waiting for the game to be done to play it, but it’s been while. Will it ever be “done?” Or is it more like episodic content?

    Been a while since I played it but it was bizarre and surreal and excellent. Dobra praca.

  19. when is the next update coming?

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