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Acid Wizard Studio is a small indie game dev studio from Poland. We are currently working on our first game, Darkwood.

Alpha 2 is live!

30 October 2014 by Acid Wizard


Rejoice, mortals! Alpha 2 is here, just in time for Halloween! With it, changes big and small!

This update focuses mainly on a huge rewrite of some of our back-end systems, meaning they are now more optimized, less buggy and allow for some cool stuff to happen.


Brand new world

We basically rewrote the whole world generation system. The main thing you will notice is that the biomes are now grouped together, and getting through to the next biome requires a trip through a “gate” location. Borders are much more interesting now, and aren’t only impenetrable walls.

New map of a sample world.

New map of a sample world.

This system allows for a lot of new cool stuff. We’re tingling in excitement just thinking of the possibilities in future updates! For now, the benefits of this approach are mostly visible through better pacing (easier in the beginning, harder at the end of chapter 1), more rewarding exploration, more interesting navigation, and a better sense of progression.

Even though we optimized the generation script quite a lot, the new world is now about 50% larger than the previous one, and in result creating a new one takes more or less the same amount of time. This will of course be optimized in the future. Some parts of the procedural generation system are turned off for now to avoid some bugs.

Modified combat

Combat in Darkwood is supposed to be slow, tactical, but lethal. It may be unintuitive at first, as you can’t spam attacks like in every other game with this perspective, but it is a lot of fun when you get used to it. We worked on it in this update, to make it more responsive, but also made the Secondary Attack and Dodge skills available right from the start.

Optimizations and fixes

There are a ton of optimizations to pretty much everything. Less stuttering, better performance! We also fixed most of the reported bugs (including the dreaded Mac crash and disappearing Wolfman!). However, a lot of new features were added, which still need to be polished.

And also:

– New hideouts! Nights are different based on the hideout you are sleeping in.
– New content to be found in the wilderness.
– Wood is more plentiful, but to make use of it, you need to convert it to planks with the new Saw object.
– New shader for trees.
– Rebalances to loot and enemies.
– And a lot of other smaller (or secret) changes!

We are pleased how these changes add to the game, and hope you feel the same! This is hopefully the last BIG rewrite of any of the systems, and we can return to more frequent updates.

We’d also like to thank all of our amazing testers for their hard work! <3

Remember, the Acid Wizard sees all, so post your feedback on our forums or the Steam forums!

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Comments (5)

  1. Does this mean that I can now buy and play the game on steam without the fear of it crashing on startup? I’m on a mac on and I’m very excited to try this game out but the reports about the mac crashes kinda held me off from buying it.

    • I don’t know what do you mean, IT IS ALPHA – Everything is possible: Crashes, bugs, quiting to menu without any sense.
      Every game need a time to start (it can start without alpha and beta but then the crew is about 10-20 here are 3 inteligent guys form Warsaw what can you explain me what Show do you need?!?!?! – Prepare for big time needed but a WOW effect.)
      I thinh it should be a reply for your question

  2. I’m really happy Alpha 2 is finally up. Hopefully those performance improvements are considerable enough for my 8 gb laptop to run, because last time I played I was getting around 10 fps. An absolutely fantastic game, it’s just a shame that I can’t run it very well. xD

  3. The game actually feels a lot smoother, but there’s less wood than before :/

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