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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Darkwood Alpha 7.1

22 January 2016 by Acid Wizard

Well, hi!

This is mainly a patch update, with little new content!


– Updated Unity to latest version. This solved some issues, but also added a few bugs which are out of our hands for the moment, like some particles not displaying correctly.
– Optimizations to stuttering for low-end hardware.
– New location between the Dry Meadow and the Silent Forest.
– The Dynamic Resolution option has been upgraded so the pixels don’t render incorrectly when in motion (thanks to Michaล‚!).
– New tree formations in some biomes.
– Several changes to prologue.
– Added map to train wreck in doctor’s house.
– Changes to dog summon attack.
– New animations for dogs.
– Removed crows around dead animals.
– Lantern has a bigger light radius.

– Fixed getting immortality at certain point in game.
– Fixed not getting the underground door key in one case.
– Fixed several bugs in musician’s parents’ house, like not being able to get inside or nothing happening when returning to this location later after getting the violin.
– Fixed unresponsive mutated dogs in Wolfman’s hideout
– Fixed characters getting stuck in musician’s parents’ house entryway.
– Fixed characters being able to open doors locked with a code.
– Fixed pigshed lever not working after loading the game.
– Fixed dark void when returning to the well in the village.
– Fixed some instances when characters could play a custom animation in the wrong place.
– Fixed dark void when travelling from the village while dragging a wardrobe.
– Fixed sometimes incorrectly applied protective gas in hideouts.
– Fixed several missing / broken events after loading the game.
– Fixed being able to open containers with a padlock by using the context menu.
– Fixed being able to drag a chair from under a villager who is sitting on it ๐Ÿ˜›
– Fixed help popup displaying in the character dialogue.
– Fixed some dialogues.
– Chain cannot be consumed anymore ๐Ÿ˜›
– Fixed pigshed lever being able to move by itself!
– Fixed too long note in journal.
– Fixed being able to open church trapdoor without knowing the code.
– Fixed unresponsive NPC in the church.
– Fixed missing doctor animations.
– Fixed being able to access village cellar by breaking in or clipping through door.
– Some fixes to night events.
– Fixed lots of typos, missing translations etc.
– Added some sounds.
– Fixed some objects being incorrectly masked by light.
– Fixed missing Wolf shadow.

Next stop: the Epilogue! Wait… what? What about Chapter 2? Well, we’ve decided we need to finish (more or less) the ending in a satisfying way before we work on the middle of the game. So we don’t know what the next update will be about yet, or when it’s going to happen! So please be patient with us while we work on making the ending as good as possible.

The Acid Wizard

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