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Slight delay, Mac and Linux support

04 June 2014 by Acid Wizard

I’m afraid we have a bit of bad news for you. Something is happening in June (sadly, we’re not allowed to reveal any info about it) at the time we planned our early access launch, which makes it impossible for us to release Darkwood as we originally planned, so we have to push back the launch to the beginning of July.

I know some of you are VERY anxious about the launch and I’m sorry I can’t say anything more about this situation, but in a few weeks you’ll understand why we made this decision.

But we also have some good news! I can confirm that Mac and Linux versions are working nicely and will be supported from day 1 of early access, with a few minor issues that can be fixed thanks to the few extra days we will have to spare.

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Pixel Heaven 2014

03 June 2014 by Acid Wizard

We’ve rested a bit after the very intense weekend at Pixel Heaven, and we’re ready to share our impressions! As for the competition, Darkwood was nominated in Best Gameplay, Best Art and Best Sound.

Our lovely booth babes handing out Bloody Muffins and Creepy Cookies

Our lovely booth babes handing out Bloody Muffins and Creepy Cookies

Darkwood won in the Best Sound category, and the other awards are as follows:

Grand Prix – SUPERHOT
Best Gameplay – SUPERHOT
Best Art – CAVE! CAVE!
Best StoryCAVE! CAVE!

A special shout out to the lovely folks from We Are Müesli and Fir&Flams, who actually thought Darkwood will look very different, as illustrated by them:darkwood_firflamsDon’t get it? Check out this video.


But the best part? The reactions from the players, and especially our backers! We were pretty sure that playing Darkwood in a crowded, noisy room with little time to spare was pretty pointless, but we were proven wrong!

The feedback was very positive, even from people who don’t consider themselves hardcore players. Again, this was a surprise for us. We’ve designed Darkwood to be a deep, complex and very challenging game that requires all of your attention and at least an hour of playtime to simply start to get the hang of it.

Seeing a 11 year old kid playing Darkwood for well over an hour (with a line behind him, at a event with TONS of other awesome stuff to do), and being forcibly removed by his parent was something that really made it up for all the sleepless nights we invested into this game.


Photo by Adela “Mawrr” Sznajder

One thing we were very afraid of was the reactions from our backers. Is it the game they imagined it to be? Did we meet their expectations? We’re very pleased to say that every backer who visited us was very happy with how the game is turning out, which was a huge relief for us.

To recap, PH2014 was pretty awesome for us, and we can’t wait for the next edition!

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