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The Fifth Wizard (and a new screenshot!)

11 February 2014 by Pita

Hi! I’m Piotr, a new Acid Wizard!

And as a new guy I would like to tell you about my experiences so far.

I came to Warsaw a week ago.

diIt was a long journey – I’m from Lower Silesia, in the west of Poland, but I’ve left everything behind to work for and with Wizards. To work on Darkwood.

I must say I’m pretty impressed. The game is ambitious, hard and unforgiving, but it gives you an enormous amount of satisfaction. The plot and the atmosphere are really dark with vibes of Stalker (movie) and Roadside Picnic. I really like the core mechanics – they are simple to learn but hard to master, as it should be.

So let me take you for a short tour:



Warsaw again.


My dog, Jera.


Nidhogg, that we are currently playing. (I’m the best of wizards).


Also it’s the first time when I see a truly democratic game design – a clash of personalities is sometimes unbelievable. We discuss, and discuss and discuss about every element, every tweak, and every little choice in this game. The atmosphere inside the studio is great – we have open work hours, heated debates about video games and literature, and sometimes we even play together.

But mostly, we just work.

They come early and stay late. They are paranoid about spoilers, and details. This game is their life. It’s becoming mine too. Acid Wizards (my mind is still referring to “them” and “me”) are very talented and skillful people. Artur and Jakub took part in many Video Game Jams, Gustaw was a graphic designer, all of them were working in media. I myself have a background in comics and journalism.

It’s kind of an explosive mixture. I like it.

So one journey is over, and another one is just beginning for me. It was harder and more expensive that I supposed it would be, but in the end – it was worth it.

Oh, and to give you something more interesting than my babbling:

1911334_10201505347934979_896653019_oPS Yes, there will be some new screenshots soon!

PS2 Contact –

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