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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Darkwood – First pre-alpha gameplay trailer!

05 March 2013 by Acid Wizard

After countless hours of work, we are finally ready to show you a kick-ass gameplay trailer from Darkwood! Go grab your popcorn, set the video on fullscreen and 1080p and enjoy!

The video shows the second part of gameplay, in which the player has to defend his home. Things that will help you survive the night include:


These range from simple metallic nets that do not obscur vision, but provide little defence to massive metal plates, which are hard to destroy but also impossible to see through. Apart from requiring certain materials, building a type of barricade requires specific tools, like a hammer or saw.

Power management

If you wish to survive through the night, you will have to provide enough gasoline for your generator, which powers all your electrical devices: lights and traps. The more devices like these you have active at the same time, the more gasoline gets drained. Don’t let your generator get thirsty, or you’ll have to risk going out in the dark..

Be sure to check out for more features!

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