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Slight delay, Mac and Linux support

04 June 2014 by Acid Wizard

I’m afraid we have a bit of bad news for you. Something is happening in June (sadly, we’re not allowed to reveal any info about it) at the time we planned our early access launch, which makes it impossible for us to release Darkwood as we originally planned, so we have to push back the launch to the beginning of July.

I know some of you are VERY anxious about the launch and I’m sorry I can’t say anything more about this situation, but in a few weeks you’ll understand why we made this decision.

But we also have some good news! I can confirm that Mac and Linux versions are working nicely and will be supported from day 1 of early access, with a few minor issues that can be fixed thanks to the few extra days we will have to spare.

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8 comments on “Slight delay, Mac and Linux support

  1. UndeadGuru on said:

    Can’t wait to play it. Do you guys have a fixed release date? Or only begin July.



    • Acid Wizard on said:

      Can only specify the beginning of July, we really hate to do delays but there’s always a possibility of something out of our control happening so we’ll post a precise date several days before release.

  2. Sir Twiggy on said:

    Patience is a virtue! I will patiently wait until I can play the game… Then I’ll stream it until my eyeballs fall out!!! 😛
    Seriously though, I’m just glad to hear development is moving ahead and that we soon shall be able to lay our hands on it!
    Good luck and have fun!

  3. jazzycaz on said:

    I can’t speak for everyone, but after waiting for a year, I have no problem waiting a few more weeks. Keep up the good work, wizards! I look forward to the release!

  4. PerDemko on said:

    I just checked your blog and saw this post. You are going to release the game on Steam Early Access and obviously are hoping for a lot of sales. Hell, why shouldn’t you. And you can’t talk about the reason for the delay.

    My lucky guess would be that the Steam Summer Sale is going to start soon and you don’t want your release to be overshadowed by it. But you tell us about that fact.
    Considering how much games are being released on Steam recently and how fast they disappear from the front page if they do not generate enough sales soon, I’d say that is a smart move on your part. This is only my guess though and I don’t expect you to comment on it. I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble.

    I do understand and respect your decision however. I wish you the best of luck and hope you created something that deserves to be bought (even in it’s current stage) by as many people as possible! I for once am eager to play it since I backed your team and project 🙂

  5. Denis on said:

    this is going to be my first Steam buy..I am usually a pirate *ashamed* but really want to support you guys, love everything about the game..

  6. So…”early July”? Too bad it wasn’t ready in time for the 12th-13th weekend…I presume it’ll be available imminently, though. Still hoping!

  7. Sectas on said:

    July went up to the middle of the game but still no …

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