Acid Wizard Studio is a small, independent game dev studio from Warsaw, Poland. We are currently working on our first game, Darkwood.
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29 January 2013 by AcidWizard

We’re proud to announce our first PC game – Darkwood!

- Is a hardcore experience with no hand holding. It’s gonna be hard, and you WILL die. In fact, death is permanent. No saves, no checkpoints.
- Features a big, open world filled with random encounters and carefully hand-crafted locations.
- Has a night and day cycle. Explore the mysterious forest at day, return to your home before night. Prepare your defences and fend off waves of enemies!
- Lets you craft tons of items and build traps. Connect them together for some vicious combos!
- Implements a electricity system for your home base. You need gasoline for you generator to keep the lights on at night. Defending yourself without any lighting is suicide, so you better keep an eye on the gasoline level!
- Forces you to fight for survival, and pray to live another day




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4 comments on “Darkwood

  1. soloman on said:

    Nie potrzebujecie może strony ?

  2. xomacbka on said:

    интересно! жду новых скриншотов и трейлеров )

  3. Is there a demo of this? Cant wait to get my hands on it!

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