Acid Wizard Studio

Acid Wizard Studio is a small indie game dev studio from Poland. We are currently working on our first game, Darkwood.

Darkwood – Some characters

30 January 2013 by AcidWizard

Wolf. Hates all humans, but above all he loves to see carnage and destruction. Occasionally he drops by the player’s house and sells him some stuff, sometimes exchanging information.


Jumper. A human-insect hybrid, he likes to jump all over the place and harass his prey with hit and run tactics.


Witch. Slow and fragile, but is very dangerous when protected by other creatures. When in danger, she shrieks terribly which distrupts all electricity around her.


Shadow. Attacks in groups, are fast and fragile, but afraid of light. They like the smell of gasoline.

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Comments (6)

  1. Darkwood dla mnie zapowiada się na bardzo dobrą grę czekam na więcej informacji i życzę powodzenie produkcji.

  2. Można się gdzieś zapisać do Beta testów ? 😀

  3. Wait… The generator room is badly lit and has no lighting if the generator is out of gas. The shadows like the smell of gasoline and I’m guessing are invisible or near invisible in the dark. We’ll need to refuel the generator every once in a while. We’re screwed.
    Anyways, looking great, keep up the good work, looking forward to shitting bricks!

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