Acid Wizard Studio is a small, independent game dev studio from Warsaw, Poland. We are currently working on our first game, Darkwood.
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Alpha 2 is live!

30 October 2014 by Acid Wizard


Rejoice, mortals! Alpha 2 is here, just in time for Halloween! With it, changes big and small!

This update focuses mainly on a huge rewrite of some of our back-end systems, meaning they are now more optimized, less buggy and allow for some cool stuff to happen.


Brand new world

We basically rewrote the whole world generation system. The main thing you will notice is that the biomes are now grouped together, and getting through to the next biome requires a trip through a “gate” location. Borders are much more interesting now, and aren’t only impenetrable walls.

New map of a sample world.

New map of a sample world.

This system allows for a lot of new cool stuff. We’re tingling in excitement just thinking of the possibilities in future updates! For now, the benefits of this approach are mostly visible through better pacing (easier in the beginning, harder at the end of chapter 1), more rewarding exploration, more interesting navigation, and a better sense of progression.

Even though we optimized the generation script quite a lot, the new world is now about 50% larger than the previous one, and in result creating a new one takes more or less the same amount of time. This will of course be optimized in the future. Some parts of the procedural generation system are turned off for now to avoid some bugs.

Modified combat

Combat in Darkwood is supposed to be slow, tactical, but lethal. It may be unintuitive at first, as you can’t spam attacks like in every other game with this perspective, but it is a lot of fun when you get used to it. We worked on it in this update, to make it more responsive, but also made the Secondary Attack and Dodge skills available right from the start.

Optimizations and fixes

There are a ton of optimizations to pretty much everything. Less stuttering, better performance! We also fixed most of the reported bugs (including the dreaded Mac crash and disappearing Wolfman!). However, a lot of new features were added, which still need to be polished.

And also:

- New hideouts! Nights are different based on the hideout you are sleeping in.
- New content to be found in the wilderness.
- Wood is more plentiful, but to make use of it, you need to convert it to planks with the new Saw object.
- New shader for trees.
- Rebalances to loot and enemies.
- And a lot of other smaller (or secret) changes!

We are pleased how these changes add to the game, and hope you feel the same! This is hopefully the last BIG rewrite of any of the systems, and we can return to more frequent updates.

We’d also like to thank all of our amazing testers for their hard work! <3

Remember, the Acid Wizard sees all, so post your feedback on our forums or the Steam forums!

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Upcoming features in Alpha 2

16 September 2014 by Acid Wizard

I’ve been trying to write a post about our impressions from the alpha launch for quite some time now, but it’s proving pretty difficult as my thoughts go running all over the place, so in the meantime here’s a rundown on what we’re working on:


Alpha 2 brings a remade inventory, world generation and culling systems. As cool as it may sound, these changes are unfortunately (apart from the world generation, which is detailed below) only visible in the back-end, namely in better stability, memory management, removed stuttering and framerate drops, and faster world generation.

Pacing, difficulty curve

While Darkwood is supposed to be a constant struggle for survival, we’ve seen too many players confused about what to do at two moments in the game: at the very beginning after the prologue, and sometime later when advancing through the storyline means a visit to the dark, more dangerous parts of the woods.

Darkwood’s world is currently totally open, with fluid borders between the different biomes, meaning you can find yourself in a mutated forest totally by accident, which is a VERY bad idea at the start of the game (resulting in a confusing, painful death).

We hope to address these issues with a new way of generating the world, making the biomes more distinct, forcing you to work to advance to the harder (but more rewarding) ones, giving you a better sense of progression.

Boring wilderness

We’re working on adding more content to the parts of the world between the locations, so that they’re more varied. Loot gathering will also be less reliant on pure chance to find chests, bodies or whatnot.


Fighting in Darkwood is made to be slow and tactical, but lethal. Given it’s perspective, the combat system is unintuitive for a lot of people and takes time to get used to, to the point where we’ve seen quite a few posts on the forums stating that combat is “broken”. We have no problems with it and can defeat any enemy in the current version of the game with the weakest weapon, but we had a lot of time to get accustomed to it (we designed it, duh), unlike the first time players, which get torn to shreds by a wild dog because they haven’t familiarised themselves with how fighting works in the game. Alpha 2 will have gentler enemy pacing and improvements to responsiveness and balance.

That about sums it up! Sadly we don’t have a ETA yet on the update, so stay tuned.

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New trailer, Early Access launch date announced!

18 July 2014 by Acid Wizard

This is it! We finally have a launch date for Early Access: July 24th! Darkwood will be available for PC, Mac and Linux and will be priced at $14.99.

Along with the announcement, there’s a interactive trailer for you to enjoy:


We’re really sorry we didn’t make it for early July… Hope this trailer makes up for it!

I wish I could say “phew, now we can rest a bit after all the weeks of crunching!”, but nope. We have a few days left for polishing and we’re going to make the best of it. So keep your fingers crossed!

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Slight delay, Mac and Linux support

04 June 2014 by Acid Wizard

I’m afraid we have a bit of bad news for you. Something is happening in June (sadly, we’re not allowed to reveal any info about it) at the time we planned our early access launch, which makes it impossible for us to release Darkwood as we originally planned, so we have to push back the launch to the beginning of July.

I know some of you are VERY anxious about the launch and I’m sorry I can’t say anything more about this situation, but in a few weeks you’ll understand why we made this decision.

But we also have some good news! I can confirm that Mac and Linux versions are working nicely and will be supported from day 1 of early access, with a few minor issues that can be fixed thanks to the few extra days we will have to spare.

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Pixel Heaven 2014

03 June 2014 by Acid Wizard

We’ve rested a bit after the very intense weekend at Pixel Heaven, and we’re ready to share our impressions! As for the competition, Darkwood was nominated in Best Gameplay, Best Art and Best Sound.

Our lovely booth babes handing out Bloody Muffins and Creepy Cookies

Our lovely booth babes handing out Bloody Muffins and Creepy Cookies

Darkwood won in the Best Sound category, and the other awards are as follows:

Grand Prix – SUPERHOT
Best Gameplay – SUPERHOT
Best Art – CAVE! CAVE!
Best StoryCAVE! CAVE!

A special shout out to the lovely folks from We Are Müesli and Fir&Flams, who actually thought Darkwood will look very different, as illustrated by them:darkwood_firflamsDon’t get it? Check out this video.


But the best part? The reactions from the players, and especially our backers! We were pretty sure that playing Darkwood in a crowded, noisy room with little time to spare was pretty pointless, but we were proven wrong!

The feedback was very positive, even from people who don’t consider themselves hardcore players. Again, this was a surprise for us. We’ve designed Darkwood to be a deep, complex and very challenging game that requires all of your attention and at least an hour of playtime to simply start to get the hang of it.

Seeing a 11 year old kid playing Darkwood for well over an hour (with a line behind him, at a event with TONS of other awesome stuff to do), and being forcibly removed by his parent was something that really made it up for all the sleepless nights we invested into this game.


Photo by Adela “Mawrr” Sznajder

One thing we were very afraid of was the reactions from our backers. Is it the game they imagined it to be? Did we meet their expectations? We’re very pleased to say that every backer who visited us was very happy with how the game is turning out, which was a huge relief for us.

To recap, PH2014 was pretty awesome for us, and we can’t wait for the next edition!

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Get ready for June!

14 May 2014 by Acid Wizard

I’m happy to announce that you will get to play Darkwood on Steam early access in June!

There have been rumours circulating that this might happen in May… Which actually was our plan (and kudos to whoever found out the previously intended launch date!), but due to the recent not-so-cool things happening around early access on Steam, we want to polish it up a bit more.

The precise date is still unknown, but we’ll let you know as soon as we’re 100% sure!

In the meantime, we’re finishing up the build for the Indie Basement competition, which will be held during Pixel Heaven in Warsaw at the end of May. If we get accepted to the finals, you will be able to play Darkwood at the event! :D

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Darkwood is coming to Steam Early Access!

23 April 2014 by Acid Wizard

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! We’re more than happy to announce that a year after our crowdfunding campaign, Darkwood is coming to Steam Early Access! To celebrate, we’ve prepared a teaser showing a glimpse of what’s to come in the near future.

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ section! The Steam store page also has a lot of new info!

You better prepare your old sleeping bag, tent and 12 gauge sawed off shotgun… because the trip to Darkwood is very very near !

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11 April 2014 by Pita

Phew! The last month was probably the hardest part of Darkwood’s development to date.

A few days ago we completed the documentation of Darkwood’s world. It was not only a hard task, but a necessary one to continue the project. Now we know more than ever about the world, characters, religion and lore, and our world begins to live… and kill with more style than ever. Some things took longer than they normally would have – partly because we are a young team, partly because of our democratic creative process.

Darkwood is changing. Not drastically, but it is changing, and we believe we should inform you about this. After many prototypes, gazillion hours of talking, and plenty of tests, we had to change Darkwood’s direction a bit. We went back to the drawing board with features like permadeath, skills and the overall pacing of the game, did some prototyping – and voila! Darkwood is now better than ever.


The devil is in the details – and the details make or break the game. The features that we hold very dear: meaningful choices and consequences and storytelling collided with roguelike elements, so we decided to minimize them. We resigned from permadeath and our previous skills and perks system, in favour of other consequences upon your character’s death. This lets us put much more focus on the story, characters and unique encounters. Random generation is still in though, so you can expect a different world to explore each time you start a new game.

UPDATE: To clarify, permadeath will most probably be left in as an option for the most hardcore of players. The fact that your character’s death is not permanent, doesn’t mean that your choices can’t be! Every decision you make during gameplay is final, there are no savegames you can load to undo a “bad” decision (only continuing from where you left off).

UPDATE 2: Skills and perks are left untouched (although balanced differently). The way you gain them is simply different than the previous way, where you were forced to choose from a few skills which were randomized for you. Now you have full control over them.

These changes ignited very long and heated debates among us and required a ton of work to be done, but we’re positive that Darkwood is now a better game for it!

Darkwood is coming, and it’s coming fast. All shall be revealed this month.

PS Kuba, one of the Acid Wizards, has a birthday today!


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For more information on Darkwood, keep on dying

11 March 2014 by Pita


Today we’re gonna talk about a question that was on our minds for a long time: how do we combine permadeath with a strong narrative in Darkwood? I mean, won’t it be boring when you die for the 312th time and have to talk with the same characters, listen to their stories again and again and do the same old fetch quests? Won’t it be frustrating to lose all your progress after dying and to have to do everything all over again?

After long discussions, brainstorms and hours of talks, we found a solution:

First, implement organic choices that have meaningful consequences.
What do I mean by “organic”, you ask? Let’s say you meet a madman, who explains to you that he is building a rocket in which he intends to travel to the moon. But he needs rare, hard to find parts to do so. You can choose to help him out and bring him the parts, sabotage his creation and give him faulty parts… or simply kill him. Not choosing is also a choice by itself – ignoring his request might also have consequences.

These choices might not present themselves as simply A B C D dialogue options, but can also manifest themselves in the gameplay itself. Some of them will be well hidden and require knowledge you did not possess in a previous playthrough. Sometimes, you might even unknowingly do something that will dramatically alter someone else’s life.


The other choices you make relate to the gameplay itself. Should you, or should not, go to that creepy old house? Will you have enough fuel to keep the lights on for the night? Should you try to survive the night outside or inside the house? Should you kill a man on sight, or take a chance and see who he is?

Almost every risk earns you a reward. Almost every reward comes with a risk. It is a natural system that many of us fell in love with while playing games like Dark Souls. 

Just know one thing. Your choices will matter. Some of the consequences of these choices will be visible almost immediately, while others will be relevant throughout the entire game.

Second, add multiple layers of complexity to the narrative, puzzles and characters, who have their own, sometimes very different version of truth than you or the other inhabitants of Darkwood. Think of a movie you saw that made your jaw drop, but you didn’t fully understand it. You go online, check some forums, read reviews, maybe post some stuff yourself. You watch it again, and armed with new knowledge, you begin to discover things that you weren’t able to see before, making watching the movie a whole new experience. This is what we’re aiming for in Darkwood.

Third, divide Darkwood into chapters. When you die, you can start over from the same chapter, instead of the whole game. The choices you made in the previous chapters are saved. There is something you have to be careful of, though – you have a limited number of “lives” at your disposal. If you lose all of them… Then it’s game over for you.

However death is not the end in Darkwood. It’s an opportunity to discover something new about it’s world.

About it’s characters, tragedies, secrets.

About yourself.

Fear the man of one truth. Don’t let yourself become one.

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The Fifth Wizard (and a new screenshot!)

11 February 2014 by Pita

Hi! I’m Piotr, a new Acid Wizard!

And as a new guy I would like to tell you about my experiences so far.

I came to Warsaw a week ago.

diIt was a long journey – I’m from Lower Silesia, in the west of Poland, but I’ve left everything behind to work for and with Wizards. To work on Darkwood.

I must say I’m pretty impressed. The game is ambitious, hard and unforgiving, but it gives you an enormous amount of satisfaction. The plot and the atmosphere are really dark with vibes of Stalker (movie) and Roadside Picnic. I really like the core mechanics – they are simple to learn but hard to master, as it should be.

So let me take you for a short tour:



Warsaw again.


My dog, Jera.


Nidhogg, that we are currently playing. (I’m the best of wizards).


Also it’s the first time when I see a truly democratic game design – a clash of personalities is sometimes unbelievable. We discuss, and discuss and discuss about every element, every tweak, and every little choice in this game. The atmosphere inside the studio is great – we have open work hours, heated debates about video games and literature, and sometimes we even play together.

But mostly, we just work.

They come early and stay late. They are paranoid about spoilers, and details. This game is their life. It’s becoming mine too. Acid Wizards (my mind is still referring to “them” and “me”) are very talented and skillful people. Artur and Jakub took part in many Video Game Jams, Gustaw was a graphic designer, all of them were working in media. I myself have a background in comics and journalism.

It’s kind of an explosive mixture. I like it.

So one journey is over, and another one is just beginning for me. It was harder and more expensive that I supposed it would be, but in the end – it was worth it.

Oh, and to give you something more interesting than my babbling:

1911334_10201505347934979_896653019_oPS Yes, there will be some new screenshots soon!

PS2 Contact –

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